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More paid surveys for US residents which are fun to join.


PollBuzzer gives its panelists $1 for every survey question answered. Each time you answer a question, your PollBuzzer account is credited with $1 in earnings after the question expires. You can redeem the earnings via PayPal every week. Alternatively, you can choose to donate your earnings to a non-profit or charity.
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Consumer Village

Consumer Village is a forum for consumers where they can express themselves and connect with others. As a member of Consumer Village, you will have the opportunity to participate in online surveys and earn rewards which can be redeemed as Amazon gift certificates.
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Memolink offers the chance to get paid for online surveys. You get surveys on topics like current affairs, shopping, Internet usage and much more. Prizes like cash and gift cards. Earn points for completing surveys, playing trivia and more. When you have enough points, you can trade them for gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants. New improvements at memolink has made it a must join.
Join Memolink here was one of the first to develop an online research panel and it is one of the Internet's premiere panel databases for market research. As a member of their online panel, you are invited for free paid surveys. Each survey has some form of "incentive" involved. Some surveys give cash rewards to all respondents. Some have drawings where you can win cash prizes. Esearch pays most of your rewards via paypal. Some surveys may pay via Amazon gift certificates. It will only take a couple of minutes to complete the registration and join the panel.
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Opinion Square

OpinionSquare is an online research community of volunteers who answer fun surveys in exchange for earning reward points redeemable for merchandise and entries into our “Your Opinion Matters” sweepstakes. Sweepstakes prizes include a VIP trip to Europe, monthly iPod, LCD TV and Cash giveaways and daily NetFlix subscriptions! OpinionSquare members answer surveys that help companies improve their products for all consumers. They have given away over half a million dollars in cash & prizes last year to their members. You need to download and install their software to become an active member.
Join Opinion Square here

Permission Research

Permission Research is part of an online market research community with over 2 million members worldwide. Permission Research relies on its members to gain valuable insight into Internet trends and behavior. In exchange for having their Internet browsing and purchasing activity observed, members have access to free software downloads and a variety of other benefits including entries into sweepstakes. Members are also invited to participate in online surveys, which gauge attitudes and interests on a wide variety of topics. To join, you need to install their software, which helps them to monitor internet trends. Permission Research is committed to privacy and it is safe to install the software.
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Quick Rewards is not just a survey site. It rewards members for doing things online such as surfing the web, using a search engine, shopping, signing up for offers, taking surveys and much more. It is completely free to join. You get paid to visit websites, use a search engine, send greeting cards, signup for offers, shop online, answer daily trivia and much more. You also get paid for referring friends. You may cash out any time you like when you reach the required amount for a specific redemption. Redemption options include paypal and various gift certificates.
Join QuickRewards here

At, your opinion really matters. As a member, you will be invited to participate in easy, interesting online surveys. In return for your participation, you’ll get cash, merchandise, and prizes. You earn 100 bonus points just for becoming a member. Each time you complete a survey, you will earn reward points that can be redeemed for cash and gifts of your choice. The amount of RewardPoints that you earn depends on the length and complexity of the survey you participate in. You can redeem your RewardPoints as soon as you reach a redemption level. You can either redeem your points for one of the prizes offered or choose to get cash instead.
Join MyOpinionNow Here

Clear Voice Surveys

Clear Voice Surveys is a new survey panel that helps you to earn cash and rewards just by voicing your opinions. Clear Voice Surveys is different than other survey sites - most survey sites only pay you for surveys you qualify for and complete. Clear Voice will pay you for each survey you participate in. You can get your earnings as cash through PayPal or use them to buy gift certificates at Amazon or or even exchange them for airline miles. You can withdraw earnings to your paypal account when your balance reaches $10.
Join Clear Voice Surveys here

Univox Community

Univox Community is a place where you can voice your opinions about products, services and other issues. Every contribution you make earns you reward points. Every 100 points you earn equals one dollar. Once you reach 2500 points, you’ll be eligible for a $25 Amazon online gift certificate. Once you join and complete the initial survey, you will earn 500 free rewards points.
Join Univox Community here

Opinion Place

Opinion Place is an online community of US consumers who get rewards by telling companies how to improve their products and services. Start taking surveys and earn rewards. Reward options are gift cards, PayPal Credits, AAdvantage miles and entry into sweepstakes. Opinion Place surveys reward from $1-5.00 or 75-150 miles, depending on the length of the survey.
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National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel focuses on measuring consumer attitudes and behavior. As a panel member, you will be provided with a hand-held scanner. Every time you or members of your household shop, you'll use the scanner to scan the barcodes on all of your purchases. Once a week, this purchase information will be transmitted to the panel. Active members will earn gift points that are redeemable for great merchandise, including electronics equipment, jewelry, household items, toys and more. Members can also enter sweepstakes where you can win $20,000 or a new car or truck.
Join National Consumer Panel here

MySoapBox Panel

MySoapBox is a new platform to voice your opinions. Speak your mind, be heard, and make a difference. You are encouraged to give feedback on all sorts of things you use, buy, and do every day. In exchange for your MySoapBox participation, you will be rewarded with points. These points can be redeemed for various prizes. You are eligible for redemption once you have earned 25,000 points and various options including gift cards are available.
Join MySoapBox here

Resolution Research

The Resolution Research Panel rewards you for participation in market research studies in the form of reward points, gift certificates, sweepstakes and cash cards ranging from $5 to $400. A few studies enter you into a drawing. Reward points can be redeemed for visa cash cards, music downloads and charity donations.
Join Resolution Research panel here


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